a candy treat.

Yeey. Our teacher was not around for our Educ 23 class soo, we get to surf the internet for the entire period. hoo yeah! I got bored with facebook so i thought of visiting candymag.com. It's been a reallyyyy long time since  i got to visit this amazing site so i sort of missed it already. I checked some really cute & cool stuff there and i took a few awesome quizzes and i just wanna share the results (which is surprisingly, true!) here.=]

Quiz:  Which Glee Gal Are You?
Result: Tina Cohen-Chang

Like the New Directions' resident goth goddess, you're a girl who's okay with being in the sidelines and letting others shine. Friends admire you for being so laid-back and tolerant of other people's quirks, but that doesn't mean letting others take advantage of you. The next time you're given the opportunity to stand out, accept the challenge and make the most out of the experience! Take more quizzes like this on Candymag.com

Quiz: Which Taylor Swift Song Are You?
Result: "You Belong With Me"

You're a bit clumsy, a bit awkward, and a hundred percent adorable. People feel naturally comfortable around you because you never try too hard to be cool or popular—you don't feel the need to change who you are, or to compete for the spotlight. Plus, you're an expert at laughing at yourself, dorky mistakes and all! Take more quizzes like this on Candymag.com

you might want to check this site out [ that is, if you still haven't .=) ] and take a few quizzes there or better yet be a certified candygurl and sign up. hee hee. oh well, enjoy your day earthlings. Prince loves you sooo much. xoxo. =]


  1. I haven't been to candymag.com for a loooooooooooong time. And making me read this makes me pretty nostalgic. :D Hihi!

  2. yay! i hope the site brought good things to you as it did to me. you should visit this site again. girl power! LOL.