at bonggang bongga ang lola nyo! haa haa. sa kadahilanang maaga akong nagising kanina at wala akong magawa, ayon at nakita ko si mr. gunting na nagmumukmok sa isang tabi na para bagang nagsasabing "wala akong silbi!" sooooo, ginamit ko siya para gupitin ang buhok ko! woo hoo. ang galing ko noh? di halatang medyo hindi maayos ang pagkakagupit. Eh sa hindi ako makapaghintay eh. Ilang araw ko na ring kinukulit ang tito-slash-tita [bakla ok? pew.] na gupitan na nga ako kasi gusto ko maayos ang pagkakapantay ng buhok ko sa ibaba eh sinasabihan lang naman akong mamaya na kaya voila! my very own piece of art. hee hee. pero ipapaayos pa rin ito kasi mukang di pantay ang gupit sa bandang likuran. wag kayong mag-alala, new haircut nga ako pero same old perspective pa rin naman. haha. di na yata ako magbabago. hoo well, patunay ko lang naman ito na may nagagawa pa rin naman akong maganda kahit nag-iisa lang ako. haha. oh sya, cge nah at mag-aaral pa ako. may exam nga dapat ako kaninang 7:30 am. Bio 31.1. pero hindi ako nag take. special exam nalang ako kasi hindi talaga ako nakapag-study. tee hee. XD


three downs, four more to go.

FIL 44
ENG 20
EDUC 27 

Four subjects more to go and hell week is over. woo yeah! exams can really be tough especially if you don't have any effin clue about the lessons that were being discussed because probably you were just honing your space-staring skills or you were too engross listening to your mp3 playing Justin Beiber's One Less Lonely girl which, btw, makes me feel all kilig everytime i hear it. oh i just hate the feeling of  having nothing to answer on exams.

ohhwel, the first three exams i had are pretty much "no-sweat" i mean like pft, no big!. But with the remaining four subjects, i don't know if i can ace them without having to read intensively the handouts that were given. I am especially concern with Bio 31 Lec and Chem 01 though. These subjects really make me go "grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr". so, yeah! i gotta study, study, study, go online, and STUDY!

but first, limme just bloghop & bond with my bez Anne first. k?
just a reward for having been able to ace all the first three exams i had.
sooo, ahmmm, laturrrr dudes. hekhek!


sunny days and mondays always get me down.

Sounds familiar? oh well, i just thought of that lyrics of the song by the Carpenters as a title to my post. the lyrics actually goes like this "..hangin around nothing to do but frown. rainy days and Mondays always get me down.." but since i love the rain [not in the typical emo kind of way but more like i-feel-like-a-kid-again type of like], i altered the lyrics a bit. I just love rainy days. I love the cozy feeling it brings to me. Although i hate it when it turns to be "OA". Ayoko naman yung tipong binabaha na ang mundo ano?

So where was I? oh Mondays. grrrr. hate is so strong a word so im just gonna say, i DON'T LIKE MONDAYS. well, most of the time. Although i can't exactly point a finger to a particular reason why i don't like the feeling of getting up early for this day. It's not school really cause i love going to school. owwhel, amma figure this one out someday. lol.

Speaking of Monday, yesterday was definitely a down day for me. Nothing really bad happened. I guess having bad hair + huge zit day could be the thing to blame. haha.

I was with Lorraine yesterday. She's my best friend since high school and i call her kismet which means destiny. I call her that because we get to understand each other's sentiments just like that. She's my number one listener among my friends. I just love her.

We don't know why but we were really feeling so down yesterday. As I've said, nothing really bad happened but i don't know, we sort of lost all the enthusiasm for life yesterday. We just stayed in their house and i got to be a model for a short while. we sort of played dress up although it is really for this online shop that we are starting to put up. I just have to say that my body is definitely not of a model size! my waistline is soooo huge that you'd think i've eaten up a whole sack of rice. okay! exaggerating, sorry. But Lorraine talked me into it anyway. So after we've posted the photos online, we went to Divisoria to finished my Bio 31 Lab report so that i can submit it on time. After I submitted my lab report, we went to Cogon to get some things that were needed to be done. We checked some items in some botiques for a while and we went back to their house. After a few chit-chats I went home, still feeling down. Owwhel, maybe because nothing really special happened except for the online shop that we have started. hehe. As another song goes," it's just another manic Monday."

so today is Tuesday. no exams. got the whole day for myself. so i went to avail me a free use of internet in the school's internet lab. hahahaha. ohh yeah. i was just sitting there for about 6 hours and did nothing but surf and surf the net. talk about some major addiction here huh?

i am home now so amma be reading the last few pages of this book entitled FREAK the MIGHTY. it's a novel about two completely opposite kids who somehow found their way to build a one-of-a-kind friendship.

so that's about the start of my week and i hope that i will be able to ace all the exams i have for the next three days. Ta-tah for now.


if only.

Birthday ng isang girl, humingi siya ng bracelet s bf niya, pero ang binigay sa kanya isang Story Book.

Nagalit ung girl, tinapon yung storybookc at nakipagbreak sa bf niya..

After the break-up nbalitaan ng girl na nagpakamatay yung boy.

Pumunta ung girl sa burol at nakita niya yung Story Book sa ibabaw ng kabaong,

kinuha niya at binasa,


Sa last page, may nakasulat;

“Punta ka sa favorite place natin..nandun ung bracelet na gift ko!.. Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I love you..”

hoo well, this is just a repost. i got this from tumblr.

the story is just sooo sad. i certainly learned a lesson from this post and that is to appreciate the things that other people give and/or do to me. some things may not be exactly what i want them to be but i should take into consideration the efforts being made by some people to make me happy. it's really the thought that counts. sometimes, i just expect too much.i demand too much.but now i realize that by having been loved by others, i am more than lucky. i am blessed. Blessed to have some people love me despite my flaws and shortcomings.

hate less. love more.

as i wish upon a star.

a. N3120 phone. 
b. Digicam.
c. ipod shuffle.
d. a pair or better yet a collection of wedges.
e. hooded jacket.
f. red havaianas flip flops.


because life is too short to be anybody else.

some of the craziest, weirdest, awesomest facts about ME.

1. I used to have a gazillion penmanships before. ngayon lang talaga ako may matinong penmanship na ginagamit. i don't even know if this penmanship i have right now will be for keeps so fingers-crossed lang talaga ako na sana ito na. hahaaaa.

2. I am sporting this Hello Kitty wristwatch kahit hindi na umaandar! haha. Eh sa like ko siya eh? Wala namang law ang nagbabawal na magsuot ng relong hindi umaandar diba? :D

3. I frequently burst out in a song. It don't matter kung nasan ako basta pag feel kong kumanta, kahit pa kumulog at kumidlat, kakanta at kakanta ako!

4. Internet adik ako. ito lang talaga ang bisyo ko. maghapon akong babad sa internet basta may free time lang ako. minsan nga di na ako pumapasok sa clasi ko eh.

5. Matakaw ako. As in.

6. May pagka EMO ako. ewww pero i admit. hindi naman ako yung tipong suicidal pero talagang sensitive lang ako when it comes to the matters of the heart. At hindi lang yan. Emo din ako basta pamilya na ang pinag-uusapan. ewan ko ba. overly sensitive lang talaga ako. i always appeal to my emotions.

7. Hopeless Romantic. eh kasi nga emo ako! haha. as in gusto ko yung mga sobrang cheesy. Gusto ko yung feeling na parating kinikilig. Gusto kong maging in love parati.

8. Bad breath talaga ako minsan. i`m kinda ashamed to admit. haha. kakahiya mang sabihin pero oo bad breath talaga ako minsan lalo na sa umaga.

may idadagdag pa ako dito. pinag-iisipan ko pa. hehe.

better late than never.

i know it is late for my New Year resolutions but i just wanna share what i want to do, to improve, and/or to change about me this 2010.

1. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. i really want to start saving a little something from my allowance. Gusto ko lang magtipid para may magamit ako in cases of emergency. Also, para mabili ko yung gusto ko.

2. Less Internet, More Study. Halos lahat na lang kasi ng free time ko kinakain na ng internet. X| Di ko na nga nagagawa ang mga bagay na dapt kong gawin dahil lang sa internet. Sumasakit na rin ang mga mata ko at sabaw na parati ang utak ko.

3, Losing a few pounds won't hurt. Oh yeah! mag eexercise na talaga ako. haha. antaba-taba ko na as innnn. Nakakapagpababa ng self-esteem. dyosme. parang ayoko na ngang lumabas ng bahay sa sobrang consciousness ko. kaloka! hahaa.

4. Go home early. para di na ako parating sinasabon ng uncle ko. :|

5. Make the most out of what you have. Maging kontento sa kung anong meron ako.

6. Always think of something to be thankful at the end of the day. List at least five blessings that i need to be thankful for after each day or before i go to sleep.

7. Know your priorities. Hinay-hinay muna sa love life. Makakapaghintay naman yan. At kung meron mang dumating, makakapaghintay siya kung talagang mahal niya ako so just chill. Di naman contest yan.

8. Love yourself. i-appreciate ko dapat kung anong meron ako. di man maganda ang mga mata ko but at least matangos ang ilong ko. di  naman ako maputi at least malinis naman ang kutis ko. walang an-an o kung anu-ano man.

9. Strive hard. Don't give up. wag akong basta-basta susuko. hangga't kaya, kayanin ko. hanggang sa makamit ko ang mga gusto ko.

10. READ at least 3 books in one month! para mas may malaman ako tungkol sa mundo.

11. Treasure Relationships. pahahalagahan ko ang mga taong nagmamahal sakin.



so these are my resolutions. medyo marami din but hopefully i will be able to achieve all these on this year: 2010.

the starting line.

so basically i am making this new blogspace again for a fresh start. FYI, i already have two other blogs here in blogger but i'm making another one and your currently staring at it. 2010 is obviously another year for you and me and so i was thinking of having a new place to contain all my craps for this year and the succeeding years. This blog is where i could actually vent out all of the things that is going through my head without holding back or being afraid that other people might misunderstood me.so, if you happened to stumble upon this little world of mine, just sit back, relax, and LET ME DO THE TALKING. Comprehende?

I am Princess Mae dela Cruz Belonio. I've been counting my days here on Planet Dirt, i mean Earth, since the 16th day of November 1989. Year of the Snake. And according to this, people like me:
  • are deep. true in my case. 
  • say little and possess great wisdom. oh, when i`m with people and i have a say on something, i blabber like all the time that i believe i could get a big-ol'-ribbon for THE MOST TALKATIVE person in the planet. yeah, i talk that much. sometimesi even pissed people off with all my babbles but ahh, those people are branded to as KJs [killjoy!] so ahh, screw them. BUT! i instantly am on a silent mode when i get to be buddha and be reflective and all that. and of course, i keep quite when i really have nothing to say because i basically know nothing on a certain topic or anything for that matter.
  • vain, selfish, and a bit stingy. oh i AM vain. although it may not show, but i know i am. I am vain as in i constantly look at myself in the mirror. when i passed by the street, i look at myself on window glasses and sidemirrors of parked cars. yeah, i am that vain. but i don't have my own mirror though, weird ey? Selfish? hmmm. it depends really on on what and to whom  i am being selfish with. Stingy? err, maybe. maybe not. lol. depends really.
  • they have tremendous sympathy for others and try to help those less fortunate. oh mind you i do. part of my think-about-your-future moments is to be able to help the needy and the marginalized. that's what we, Ateneans, are being trained for. To be a person for others and amma be just that.
  • Snake people tend to overdo, since they have doubts about other people's judgment and prefer to rely on themselves. Yes. sometimes, i think that my way is better than the others but i am not the bitchy type who goes around and acts like he/she is the boss or something. Good thing that i also have trust issues with myself so i still ask for other people's opinions about my judgment.
  • They are determined in whatever they do and hate to fail. Oh i somehow disagree with this. lol. Why? because i tend to quit on something everytime i get tired of it. I can agree to this in the sense that when I want something, like i REALLY, REALLY want it,  i GO for it no matter what it takes. And yes, i hate to fail and i sure as hell do wallow in self-pity at times because of this, but i definitely am NOT a loser. if there's one thing i learned about failing, it  is that if you fail,  you go have your pity-partey for 2 to 3 days. Drink, eat, shout, whatever it takes to let it all out and after that, you go get UP and move on because that's what life wants you to.
  • Although calm on the surface, they are intense and passionate. oh yes, yes. i agree to this. i am so the type.
  • Snake people are usually good-looking and sometimes have marital problems because they are fickle. Awww, di ako good-looking..uso lang. hehe. And i soooo agree with the latter. I am fickle enough to not stay in a relationship for more than three months. *sigh. But i sincerely wanna have a long anfg lasting relationship with someone that i really love. 

 so, those are just some bits and pieces of your truly. But i sure hope that you will get to know more of me as  you go reading my share of thoughts and daily rants. Soo, come along as the journey in my little world begins.